Ingeniería y Construcción Sigdo Koppers S.A. was created by the joint venture process between the Chilean company Ingenieros Asociados Sigma Donoso S.A. and Koppers International C.A., from Pittsburgh, USA

Construction of the second Huachipato Blast Furnace and Concepción Oil Refinery.



Sigdo Koppers Colombian is founded in Cali - Colombia, performing several construction projects within the country.

The company performs its first offshore project named Puerto San Vicente.


Sigdo Koppers is the first Chilean company participating in the Metropolitan Subway, executing engineering and construction for Neptuno stations, D-2 and H-2 routes, Departamental Station and Lo Ovalle Workshop.

CAP, a Chilean Governmental Company, acquires Sigdo Koppers S.A. entirety shares.


Chilean Executives – founders of Sigdo Koppers - acquire CAP shares and constitute ownership corresponding to the nowadays controlling shareholders.

SK Comercial is created, in order to import construction and agricultural equipment.


Begins the construction of Unit N°12 for Tocopilla Thermoelectric Power Plant.

Construction and Erection works are completed in Colbún and Machicura Hydroelectric power plant.



Construction of Colbún-Alto Jahuel HV Power Transmission Line, the first 500kV transmission line installed in Chile - with a length of 259 km.


ISK Ecología S.A. subsidiary is created, with the purpose of providing environmental solutions.

IStarted operations in Perú, through SSK Montajes e Instalaciones subsidiary.


ICompleted El Abra mining project.


Completed Escondida Fase IV mining project, with 11.500.000 direct man-hours.

• Started operations in the mid-size construction market through Constructora Logro.
• Completed Stage IV – Methanol Plant - Methanex biggest facility of its type.
• Began the construction of Nueva Aldea and Santa Fe Pulp Mills.

SK Industrial is founded. A company specialized in industrial plant maintenance.

• Founded SK Capacitación
• Cámara Chilena de la Construcción granted Ingeniería y Construcción Sigdo Koppers the Social Responsibility Award.
• The company receives the first place on Human Resources Meta 4 Innovation Award.
• Bechtel-SK Consortium was assigned with Los Bronces project, one of the most significant mining investments of the upcoming years.


• Awarding of Angamos Transmission Line - EPC Project - as well as the construction and erection of Angamos Thermoelectric Power Plant (560MW).
• Started works for unitary grinding and electric power distribution from Codelco’s Andina I development project.
• Endesa Chile granted the company the Excellence Award, during the development of Quintero’s Power Plant EPC project.

• Began the construction of Minera Esperanza project.
• El Abra Mining awards ICSK the Sulfolix Expansion Project

The Federación Interamericana de la Industria de la Construcción (FIIC), granted our company with the Corporate and Union Transcendence Award.
Our company reaches a record of 14.500 workers hired.  

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Las Condes - Santiago, Chile
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F: (56 2) 2246 41 80 sigdo.koppers@skchile.cl